Sending an ACH Transfer

How to send an ACH transfer

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To send an ACH transfer from your Winden account click on Send Money from the main Dashboard.

From here you can select someone you have paid before or you can add someone new.

If you are sending money to someone new you will add the new recipient's name and select pay someone new.

Then you will select ACH Transfer

and then enter the recipient's personal information and account information where prompted.

Otherwise, you can select the name from the Frequently Paid list to pay someone you have previously paid. After that, you will choose the ACH option and click next.

Once you select from the frequently paid list you will select to send an ACH.

Next, you will confirm the recipient, enter the amount to be transferred, and click next.

After you click next you will be able to review the information once more before sending the ACH transfer. Click Send ACH to complete the transfer.

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