We are excited to introduce our new rewards program! This program allows you to get points for your debit card purchases and other transactions 30 days after the authorization has cleared. Starting with your first card transaction after 00.01 AM on November 9, 2022, all authorized transactions will allow you to earn 5 points (5x) for every dollar you spend, up to $10,000 within 30 days. After the initial promotional period, you earn 1.5 points(1.5x) for every dollar you spend.

You do not earn points for ATM charges, cash advances, traveler's checks, money orders, pre-paid gift cards, balance transfers, wire transfers, fees or interest posted to your Winden account, bets or wagers transmitted over the internet, and casino gaming.

To view your rewards you can log into your Winden account and click the Rewards tab at the top of the account dashboard. You can also click here to sign in and then be taken to the Rewards page.

From the rewards page you can check your earned points and see it you have any available points to redeem.

You can redeem your points in a few different ways:

Cash Back

  • Redeem points for instant cash back.

  • For every 250 points, customers can earn $1 and in order to redeem for cash you will have to have at least 12,500 points ($50). Points are only redeemed in 250-point increments after 12,500 points have been earned.

Travel (Coming Soon)

  • You can redeem your rewards points at more than 120 global airlines, thousands of international hotels, vacation rentals, top car rental agencies, and numerous activities including major cruise lines through the Winden Travel Portal.

  • Unfortunately, you cannot transfer your points directly to your preferred airlines or hotel chains.

Merchandise (Coming Soon)

  • You can use your rewards points to purchase over one million items directly with your Winden points and get more out of your points. You will be able to use our Winden Rewards portal to make these purchases.

Gift Cards (Coming Soon)

  • You can turn your Winden rewards points into gift cards from over 400 brands and retailers. You can get your gift cards instantly for online use or order a physical one right to your doorstep.

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