Sending and Receiving Wires

How do I send or receive a wire?

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You can send and receive wire payments using your Winden account. To receive a wire you will need to provide the routing number and account number to trusted third parties. To send a Wire you will need to be logged into your Winden account and follow the process below.

Sending a Wire

To send a wire from your Winden account click on Send Money from the main Dashboard.

From here you can select someone you have paid before or you can add someone new.

If you are sending money to someone new you will add the new recipient's name and select pay someone new.

Then you will select Domestic Wire

and then enter the recipient's personal information and account information where prompted.

Then you will enter the amount you would like to send through a wire to the recipient. You will also need to write a description in order to highlight the Next button.

After you click next you will see a summary of your wire. Please review this information and if everything looks correct you can click on Send Wire.

Our outgoing wire cutoff time is 1 pm EST. If the wire is initiated before 1 pm EST it will be sent the same day excluding weekends and holidays. If it is initiated after this time then the wire will be sent the following business day.

Wires that have been initiated before the cutoff time are pushed out at 2 pm EST. Generally, wires are processed fairly quickly but this process may be delayed depending on the receiving financial institution’s procedures and whether the account information is accurate.

Receiving a Wire

To receive a wire into your Winden account you will provide your Winden account and routing number to the transferring party. Your account information can be found by going to Account Details in your Winden account.

Then, you will enter the amount you would like to receive and click on Continue

Then, you will select the Wire Transfer option from the menu.

Next, you will be able to select the bank which the wire will be sent from.

Finally, you will see the information you need to give to the sender of your wire.

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