Adding Money Through ACH

How can I ACH transfer funds into my Winden account?

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There are two ways that you can add funds to your Winden account using an ACH transfer. You can ACH transfer funds into your Winden account by linking an external bank account to your Winden account using Plaid, or by initiating an ACH transfer from an external bank account. In order to transfer these funds the external bank account will need to be in the same name as your Winden account.

Linking a Bank Account with Plaid

To link a bank account using Plaid you will begin by logging into your Winden account. From the main dashboard in your Winden account, you will click on Add Money.

Then you will be prompted to enter the amount you would like to transfer into your account. You will enter the amount and click Continue.

From here you will select the Bank Transfer option from the menu.

Then you will be prompted to either select an already linked account or to link a bank account. To link a bank account you will click on Link an Account

Next, you will be asked if you wish to continue with Plaid and you will need to select Continue.

Then you will select your bank from the choices listed or search for it by typing in the bank name. If you cannot find your bank you may not be able to link using plaid and will need to use the external bank linking process or a different form of funding to add money to your account.

Next, you will be prompted to sign in to your selected bank account and follow the steps your bank requests. Once your bank has been linked you can complete their transfer by clicking on Submit Transfer button.

Transferring Funds From an External Account

To transfer funds externally you will do this by linking Winden to your external bank account and transferring funds from the external account.

To do this you will need to enter your Winden account details into the external bank accounts funds transfer page. You can find your account details by logging in to your Winden account and from the main dashboard you will select Account Details from the drop-down menu.

A Pop up will appear that will show you your account details including your routing and account numbers which you will use to make the external transfer.

Then you will take this information and log in to your external bank account to make the transfer from there using your Winden account details.

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