Winden has now released an invoicing feature that allows you to create, edit, and send invoices to your clients directly from your Winden account. These invoices are sent to your clients via email. At this time bank transfers are the only option for your clients to pay the invoice and the invoice that is sent to your client will include your Winden account details in order for the invoice to be paid via ACH or Wire transfer.

Using Winden’s invoicing tool, you can create invoices quickly. There are a few requirements when creating an invoice including: a customer name (existing contact or creating a new contact), invoice Items, payment Date (Date of creation is selected as the payment date by default), and payment method (Bank transfer is selected by default as the only possible option at this time). You can easily track invoices that have been sent and those that have been paid right from your Winden account. Here we will help guide you through this process.

Creating an Invoice

To start you will need to be logged into your Winden account on a web browser. Then from the main dashboard of your account you will click the Invoices tab at the top of your screen.

Then you will be brought to your invoice section. You will click on Create Invoice.

Then you will either search for a contact that has already been created or you will select Add Contact.

If you select to add a contact you will need to fill out their information including name, email address, and phone number.

Then you will click on Add Item and fill in the invoice description, quantity, and price. Be sure to hit save when you are done.

Once saved you will see the total amount on the invoice on the right panel of the screen. Here you will also be able to add more items to the invoice if needed.

If you would like to add a note to your invoice you will click on Add Note and then fill in what you would like the note to say. Remember to hit the Save button.

Then you will select the due date of your invoice.

You will not be able to change the payment options at this time. We currently only support bank transfers and in the future, we plan to have other options available.

If your invoice is complete and ready to go you can click on the Send Invoice button in the right upper corner of your screen. Or if you are not ready and need more time you can click the X in the left upper corner of your screen. This will close out the invoice but you can go back to edit and send it later.

Editing an Invoice

To edit your invoice you will select the invoice you want to edit from the invoice page of your Winden account.

Then you will click on the three dots next to Send Invoice and then select the Edit invoice option. *Note that here you can also Delete an invoice or Resend an already sent invoice.

From there you can edit or delete by selecting the pencil or the trashcan next to each section to make changes. If you would like to edit or change the recipient you will do that by clicking the three dots next to the customer's name.

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Draft, Ready to Send, Unpaid, and Paid?


You have created your invoice, but you haven’t completed all the required details to share it. You need to edit your invoice to make it ready to send.

*Required details for sending an invoice:

  • Customer (Selecting an existing contact or creating a new contact)

  • Invoice Items

  • Payment Date (Date of creation is selected as the payment date by default)

  • Payment Method (Bank transfer is selected by default as the only possible option at this time)

Ready to Send:

You have filled out all the required details to send your invoice, but you have not clicked the Send Invoice button to share it with your client yet. You can still make changes to your invoice.


You have completed and sent the invoice to your client. You cannot edit it anymore but can mark it as paid if your client has paid you.


You have sent your invoice to your client and your client has successfully paid you.

Creating and Editing Invoices

Why can’t I edit my invoice?

You can edit your invoice until you have sent it to your client. Once you send it, you cannot edit it. If you sent your invoice to your client and want to edit it, we suggest that you delete the current invoice and create a new one with the contact details.

Can I give a custom number to my invoice?

You cannot give a customer number to your invoice. These numbers are auto-generated and increase incrementally from number 1. If giving customer numbers to your invoices is important, let us know and we’ll work on making that available to you.

Can I upload my company logo to my invoice?

We are working on giving you the ability to upload your company logos, which will become a part of your invoices.

Will this feature be available on the mobile app?

Yes, this feature will become available for mobile apps as well. Right now, we cannot give a specific timeframe on when this can happen, but it is of high importance to us.

Sending invoices

How can I see the PDF version of my invoice?

Unfortunately, our invoicing tool does not currently support the generation of a PDF version of your invoices. We understand its importance and are working to make this available as soon as possible.

My client says they haven’t received my invoice. What should I do?

If your client has not received an email from “[email protected]” with your invoice details, you can go to your Invoices page, find your invoice there, and resend the invoice to your customer. If they still struggle to find it, please ask them to check their Junk emails as well.

Getting paid

When will card payment be available for invoices?

We know how important card payments are to you, and we are working to make this available as soon s possible.

Do you match my client’s payment to my invoice?

We cannot currently match the payments to your invoices. This means that you will need to manually mark an invoice as paid. However, once we introduce card funding, invoices that are paid with a card will be automatically updated as paid.

Can I set automated reminders for my invoices?

You cannot set automated reminders yet but will be able to do so soon.

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