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Application Manual Review Process

What is needed in the manual review Process

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For an application that has gone into a manual review, we may ask for some specific documentation. One of those requests could be Identity Verification.

For US citizens a Drivers license or State issued ID card are acceptable forms of identity verification. You can upload photos of the front and back sides of your government-issued identification.

For Non-US residents, a foreign passport is an acceptable form of identity verification. You can upload photos of the front of your government-issued Passport.

Please make sure all four corners of the ID or Passport are included and the ID or Passport are readable and not blurry.

Residential Address Verification is another request that could be made during the manual review process. Address Verification documents must match the address you entered for your physical residential address on your application. Typically your residential address will be different than your business address. if you reside in a country other than the US you will need to provide your full residential address either upon signing up or by reaching out to customer service to update your address.

The address verification process for your residential address requires one of the following documents: a utility bill, bank statement, lease agreement, or current pay stub.

The address verification document needs to be in your legal name and show your residential address. Accepted formats of the documents are the following: PDF, PNG, and JPEG. Document size can not exceed 20MB.

Please make sure the provided document is up to date and all data is clear and readable. Utility Bills, Bank Statements, or Pay Stubs must be current within the last six months. The lease agreement must still be valid (ex. 12-month lease dated 10 months ago).

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